Communicating a "Tender Offer"

Topics: Family, Mother, Dance Pages: 4 (1794 words) Published: November 12, 2010
Jake Young
Byoung Park
English 161
29 October 2010
Communicating a “Tender Offer”
The main problem between the main characters in Wendy Wasserstein’s Tender Offer is a lack of respect and communication. Lack of communication is dangerous and damaging to a family. “It can lead to numerous family problems, including excessive family conflict, ineffective problem solving, lack of intimacy, and weak emotional bonding” (Peterson, and Green). The two main characters, Lisa and Paul, lived in the same home yet spent most of their time “a little afraid of each other” (Wasserstein 3). Paul, like his wife, worked hard to support his family and secure a future for Lisa. However being so busy all the time had made him distant from those he cared about. It had become so bad that Paul tried to avoid his family as work became his priority over spending time with them. Whenever Paul returned from work, he either read his paper or fell asleep in front of the news. Lisa had noticed her father’s behavior and she had even begun to imitate it. When she came home from school or dance, she ran to her room to busy herself with homework or television. Paul had let work consume his life, and it has begun to affect his relationships with both his daughter and wife. Because Paul let work become his top priority, he had damaged lost the ability to communicate with his family and damaged their emotional relationships. In the beginning of the story, Paul’s 9 year old daughter Lisa was dancing by herself in a dance studio. The time was not specifically given but it can be assumed it was the afternoon as it is after Lisa’s dance recital, and also after Paul had finished work. Lisa danced her routine by herself, but as Paul entered she stopped. When Paul asked her why she ceased dancing, she gave him curt responses. Lisa was very short and not in the mood for conversation because she was upset with her father. Paul had promised to Lisa’s mother who initially planned on attending...
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