Communicating Through Technology

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Communication Meaning and Definitions
Communication is the nervous system of an organization. It keeps the members of the organization informed about the internal and external happenings relevant to a task and of interest to the organization. It co-ordinates the efforts of the members towards achieving organizational objectives. It is the process of influencing the action of a person or a group. It is a process of meaningful interaction among human beings to initiate, execute, accomplish, or prevent certain actions. Communication is, thus, the life blood of an organization. Without communication, an organization, an organization is lifeless and its very existence is in danger. The term communication has been derived from the Latin word ‘cmmunis’ that means ‘common’ and thus, if a person effects communication, he establishes a common ground of understanding. Literally, communication means to inform, to tell, to show, or to spread information. Thus, it may be interpreted as an interchange of thought or information to bring about understanding and confidence for good industrial relations. It brings about unity of purpose, interest, and efforts in an organization. Definitions:

1. “Communication is the sum of all things, one person does when he wants to create understanding in the minds of another, it involves a systematic and continuous process of telling, listening and understanding.” -------Allen Louis

2. Communication has been defined “As the transfer of information from one person to another whether or not it elicits confidence.” -------Koontz and O’Donell

3. “Communication is an exchange of facts, ideas, opinions or emotions by two or more persons.” --------George Terry

4. Communication is defined as “the process of passing information and understanding from one person to another, it is essentially a bridge of meaning between people. By using the bridge of meaning a person can safely cross the river of misunderstanding.” ---------Keith Davis The dictionary defines communication as:

1. The act of transmitting
2. A giving or exchanging of information, signals, or messages as by talk, gestures, or writing 3. The information, signals, or message
4. Close, sympathetic relationship
5. A means of communicating; specif., a system for sending and receiving messages, as by telephone, telegraph, radio, etc. 6. A system as of routes for moving troops and material
7. A passage or way for getting from one place to another 8. The art of expressing ideas, esp. in speech and writing 9. The science of transmitting information, esp. in symbols

The analysis of the above definitions implies that the communication process should have the following characteristics: I. A two – way traffic: Since communication is an exchange of views, opinions, directions etc., it is a two-way traffic, upward and downward. Messages, directives, opinions, etc., are communicated downward, from a higher level to a lower level in the hierarchy of management. Likewise, grievances, complaints, opinions feelings, points of view etc., are communicated upward along the line, from workers (lower level) to management (higher level). George Terry has rightly remarked, “Simply talking or writing without regard to the recipients’ response, is conducive to misunderstanding.” Thus, communication should be both ways.

II. Continuous process: Communication is a continuous process. More often than not, it is repeated to achieve the desired results. It is not a onetime shot.

III. A short lived process: The process of communication is complete as soon as the message is received and understood by the...
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