Communicating for Distance Education

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Communicating for Distance Education
Jennifer A Gooch
GEN 105
September 23, 2012
Currie Gauvreau

Communicating for Distance Education
Part 1
On my way home today I was in an accident. Nothing major I’m fine. The car isn’t doing too well though. I was going down College and out of nowhere this idiot going entirely too fast tried to pass me. He didn’t quite make it and clipped my front end. I spun around and wound up in a ditch on the side of the road backwards! Luckily the other guy wasn’t hurt either, but I had a few choice words for him. I’m gonna have to get the car into see Frank to get fix it. I called him and he’ll pick it up for me. ~Jen

Mr. Price,
On, Monday, September 17, 2012, I was involved in a car accident with my 2006 Chrysler Town & Country account number 34-875219. At approximately 4:30 pm I was headed West on College Avenue Route 26. As I was rounding the curve near University Drive a red Chevy Malibu, Pennsylvania license plate number XYZ-4489 driven by Joseph P. Smith, attempted to pass me. As he was returning to my lane he hit the left front corner of my car. My car then spun around and stopped in the ditch on the side of the road facing the opposite direction. I have enclosed a copy of Mr. Smith’s insurance and registration cards. Frank Chapman Towing towed my car to their garage for an estimate and repairs. Please let me know if you have any questions or there is anything else you need from me. Sincerely,

Jennifer A. Gooch

Part 2
An important thing to remember when communicating in class forums is to use inclusive language when talking to other students. Using too many gender specific terms can alienate a person or group. It can be very easy to inadvertently discriminate against someone. Simply wording your answer a little differently can make a big difference. Avoid phrases like “the managers and their wives” and “good old boys”. Also highlighting often that the presenter was a...
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