Communicating Effectively in Group Interaction

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Communicating Effectively in Group Interaction

In my placement, group interaction took place in a staff and workers meeting to discuss how Mr.P was progressing and how his care plan was being achieved to the best of its ability. All workers involved were seated around a table as the discussion continued. Care Manager Tracy began to talk about Mr.P's care plan and how he has been getting on in the home. Feedback was given by several members of staff about how he has developed and became much more confident as and when he was approached and that he was getting along with other service users much easier.

As tracy opened the meeting with an introduction, this gave all the staff members time to think about what they were going to say and gave everyone a chance to participate and speak. Tracy also made it clear about the ground rules; one individual was to speak at one time and the atmosphere was to stay clear and positive. The objective of the interaction was based on Mr.P and his needs. It was also made very clear that interruptions were not acceptable and everyones opinions should be valued and respected. This helped to set the tone of interaction and created a comfortable atmosphere.

As Mr.P has a hearing impairment, members of staff discussed how each individual communicated with him and how it effected the interaction. I told the group that one way I used to communicate effectively with him was to use the open ended question strategy. I explained that Mr.P gave very short simple answers as giving a full explanation was not entirely in his comfort zone. I then told them that using this strategy encouraged him to give a more full and meaningful answer. This also helped him to get his feelings out in the open in order to understand how to better his time at the residential home. Members of the group began to nod in agreement and take down notes from what I was saying; this shows that I was being listened to and my opinions and experience was being...
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