Communicating Differently

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Venus and Mars Communicating Differently within the Same Space

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November 15, 2011

“The ways that males and females characteristically use nonverbal cues helps them develop their distinct gendered identities (Gamble & Gamble, 2003, p. 96).” One can see that males and females communicate differently. We base our understanding of our environment on past experiences, knowledge, perception, and reasoning. However, it is important for males and females to be able to effectively communicate with each other. It is also important to note that just because people are male or female does not mean their communication is restricted to the traits of their genders. Briefly I will touch on interpersonal communication in female-male nonverbal communication, body language in female-male nonverbal communication, and space in female-male nonverbal communication. First, whether or not we realize it knowingly, all of us communicate information nonverbally practically every time we engage in conversation with other people. Whereas body language and posture that are consistent with verbal components of interpersonal communication tend to corroborate or confirm what we say, these nonverbal cues tend to say the opposite to and weaken what we say, to an extent they are seeming by others as inconsistent with our verbal communication. In everyday social situations such as interactions with friends, coworkers, and family verbal elements of our interpersonal communications play less of a role than they do in conversations with strangers, primarily because those unfamiliar with us must take advantage of all available information in order to form a first impression. Nonverbal interpersonal communications become even more significant in stressful situations with strangers, such as job interviews, sales negotiations, and contact with law enforcement authorities, for just a few typical examples. Even untrained listeners are quite perceptive to...
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