Communicate in Print 2 (Ict)

Topics: Computer software, Application software, Communication Pages: 8 (2006 words) Published: March 27, 2013
Communicate: in Print 2

Julett Adenusi
Module: 1.6
January 8th 2013

I would like to thank: Steve my tutor for advice and encouragement; The Nescot LRC staff; my friends and family and my co- workers Janice and Jill, for sharing their knowledge and expertise on the use of Communicate: in Print 2.

Acknowledgements 2 Abstract 3 1.0 Introduction 3 1.1 Widgit 3 1.2 Communicate: in Print 2 4 2.0 Methodology 4 2.1 School 5 2.2 Learning Resource Centre (North East Surrey College Of Technology) 5 2.3 Internet 5 3.0 Report 5 3.1 Communicate: in Print 2 5 3.2 How to use the software 6 3.3 The benefits of using Symbols 6 3.4 Policy and Procedures 8 4.0 Recommendations 9 5.0 Conclusion 9 6.0 References 10 Appendices 11 Appendix 1 Copy of Social Story 11 Appendix 2 Timetable 12 Appendix 3 Instruction for Speech and Language 13

This report focuses on the software Communicate in Print 2. This is a desktop Publishing program used in the creation of symbol supported materials for printing. A brief introduction about the company Widgit is given, followed by a discussion on the uses, benefits and policy procedures of this software. There are also recommendations regarding this software.

1.0 Introduction
1.1 Widgit
For over 30 years the company Widgit has been pioneering the use of symbols in learning and communication. They believe that fair and equal access to information should be given to everyone regardless of their level of reading. After all “ICT in education is the key to unlocking the skills and knowledge of our future generations of young people. It is the tool for learning for the 21st century.” Kate McKenzie. (2006) They offer a range of services to help organizations make their information more  accessible and learning more understandable, by creating symbol supported materials, which is used worldwide....
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