Communicable Disease Paper

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  • Published : November 16, 2011
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Communicable Disease Paper

HCS 457
Racheline Napier

Communicable Disease Paper
Your 17 year old daughter has a new boyfriend that you have been dreading this for such a long time. They are spending way too much time together and as a parent you feel it is time to step in. You go to your daughters’ room to find that she is miserable, no he did not break up with her, she has had a fever for most of the week, she complains of a sore throat and just really not feeling well. You take her to the your family doctor to find out that her temp is actually up at 102degrees, she has enlarged tonsils, enlarged lymph nodes in her cervical region and after some blood test, your family doctor tells you that she has Mononucleosis or Mono. Worse yet you think back in your head is not mono considered the “kissing disease”? Now you are thinking, she really should break up with that boy! According to the New England Medical Journal monos’,” transmission occurs predominantly through exposure to infected saliva, often as a result of kissing and less commonly by means of sexual transmission.” (Luzurigak & Sullivan, May ) The incubation period is 30 to 50 days from initial exposure. Often recognized by symptoms mentioned above with the addition of a rash and can even be seen with other viruses like that of influenza and bronchitis. Control of mono is very common, the use of acetaminophen is recommended for the reduction of sore throat and fever as well as making sure the patient is taking in plenty of fluids. In the rare case of a spleen rupture, it may take 3 to 4 weeks for those individual to return to regular or limited activities. Rest is recommended but absolute bed rest is not required unless sever symptoms occur. Who can get mono? We are all exposed to it at one time in our lives or another, what is most common is “Most people have been exposed to the virus as children, and as a result of the exposure, they have developed immunity to the...
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