Commotion in the Bus

Topics: Bus transport, Bus, Bosom Buddies Pages: 2 (846 words) Published: April 30, 2013
The sun shone radiantly in the cerulean sky, sending rays of searing sunlight onto the earth. Fluffy white clouds floated around lazily in the endless expanse of blue, and the Earth was bathed in a warm glow from the ball of fire hanging in the sky. I was trudging out of the school gates lethargically, my shoulders hunched from carrying my bag. All around me, I could spot several smatterings of students strolling out of school. Buses were trundling to a stop by the nearby bus stop, and I espied a long queue of cars snaking down the main driveway of the school premises all the way to the main road. I could briefly hear bosom buddies chatting away animatedly, and the intermittent sound of traffic filled my ears. The smell of freshly cooked noodles wafted from the nearby food center to my nose, making my stomach rumble in huger and my mouth water in delight. I simply could not wait to reach home and gulp down my mother’s delectable delicacies. I also caught a whiff of the exhaust fumes, causing to have a pounding headache. Just then, I noticed that my bus had arrived. Sprinting as fast as I could, my feet pounding the ground with all my might, I made it. People were shoving each other out of the way to make their way on the bus. Squeezing in with a commuter, I stepped onto the bus.

A cool blast of cold air enveloped me as I stepped onto the bus. I could hear the beeps of the card machine sounding, and the voice of the friendly bus driver greeting the passengers. The commuters on the bus were all minding their own businesses. Some were engrossed in reading books, some were engrossed in tinkering with their electronic devices, and some were just having forty winks. I immediately went to the back of the bus to take a seat. The whole bus was silent, broken by the groans of the ancient diesel engine. As I settled down for a comfortable ride home, I noticed two men glaring at each other in a hostile manner. If looks could kill, both men would have withered there and...
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