Commonwealth Games: Success or Disaster

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  • Published : March 27, 2011
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Commonwealth Games: success or disaster
The Commonwealth Games 2010 event was the largest international multi-sport event to be staged in India, eclipsing the Asian Games in 1951 & 1982.

The Commonwealth Games 2010 event was a success from the athlete’s point of view, but it was also a big success mission for some people who wanted to loot public money. The Grand Opening Ceremony was a huge success, the 40 crore rupees aerostat lifted off and the stadium rocked to the tune of Rahman, even the president of the international Olympic committee, Jacques Rogge, said that India had made a good foundation for a future Olympics bid. India won 101 medals including 38 golds which is a record for us. Spectator interest in sports also received a major boost which is a big high. But all these were mainly triumphs over systematic flaws. Almost all projects were reeking of immoderate delays, substandard construction and colossal corruption leading to inflated costs. The cost for the CWG 2006 was 1 billion dollars in comparison to Delhi’s 15 times as much cost which was approx. 70000 crores. I think even globally our reputation was pushed to the limits since we were all over the news channels with corruption allegations and incompetent planning! We are still investigating on where our money went! Therefore I believe that a poor country like ours cannot afford to waste so much of money on such events. No wonders we managed to deliver the world class event but they were surely the most expensive games in the history of Commonwealth games. So we can conclude that overall the games were a total disaster since we were more at a loss than the glamour which we put up in the opening and closing ceremonies!