Common Wrong Solution Pattern of Low Performing Students

Topics: Mathematics, Mathematics education, Elementary mathematics Pages: 10 (2785 words) Published: September 4, 2012
Common Wrong Solution Pattern of Low Performing Students
in Selected Mathematics Concepts in Pre-Algebra

Julius S. Valderama
Nueva Vizcaya State University
Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya


The problem and its background
The Third International Mathematics and Science Survey of 1999 (TIMSS) was published. One of the findings was that the Philippines ranks second from the last compared to other Asian countries. The result of the survey alarmed the Filipino community especially those people in the educational system. The Philippine Government particularly the Department of Education offers a large scale of in-service training programs in recognition of the need to improve the quality of teaching especially in the field of mathematics. The training design is focused to the teachers “teaching Mathematics effectively” like a) the content training for non-mathematics major whom teaching the subject. b) The enhancement training, c) mathematics update training and d) Strategy training (Strat) intended to all the mathematics teachers. Another visible step taken by the Philippine Government to reverse the decline in the performance of Filipino students in mathematics subject is the reconstruction of the New Secondary Education curriculum (NSEC) to Reconstructed Basic Education Curriculum (RBEC). In NSEC, mathematics program in each curriculum year includes algebra, geometry, consumer math and statistics concepts arranged in increasing complexity. While in RBEC, mathematics program is reconstructed in manner that “Integers and its operation” is the core of first year mathematics, “Basic Algebra” for second year, “Plane Geometry” for third year, and “Advance Algebra” for Fourth year and with an Electives to choose from “Business math or Statistics”. For these reasons, my study was conceptualized. This will investigate the common mathematical errors committed by the students and also the wrong solution patterns of the low performing incoming freshmen. Statement of the Problem

This study will attempt to understand the way students’ processes their solution to mathematical problems. Specifically, it sought to answer the following questions: 1. What is the level of mathematical errors of the respondents? 2. What are the basic mathematical errors common to low performing students? 3. What are the solution patterns common to low performing students?

Objectives of the Study
The following were the objectives of the study
1. To identify the level of mathematical errors of the college freshmen. 2. To identify the basic mathematical errors common to low performing students. 3. To identify the solution patterns common to low performing students.

Significance of the Study
Results and findings of this research may serve as a basis of the teachers, administrators, researchers and in-service training coordinators in whatever purpose it may serve them.
Teacher. This study may help the teacher to fully understand their students, especially on the mathematics solution processes. Knowing the solution patterns of the students could be of great help to teachers, they will be more creative in teaching their students to minimize these wrong solutions.

Administrators. This study may help them evaluate the strength of mathematics programs in their school. It may serve as basis in extending or asking help for the school.
Researchers. The findings of this study could be used for other studies, further investigations and additional literature for their researches.
Training coordinators. This could serve as basis of the training coordinators of the University or DepEd in offering in-service training for the mathematics teachers in the province. This will make the teachers aware of the solution pattern of their students.

Scope and limitation of the study
The study was designed to determine the mathematical processes of the freshmen who were identified with poor performance in...
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