Common Wealth Games Glasgow

Topics: Commonwealth Games, Glasgow, Rugby sevens Pages: 4 (1386 words) Published: October 19, 2011
The Commonwealth games were first held in 1930 under the name “The British Empire Games” in Hamilton, Canada. They were renamed the “British Empire and Commonwealth Games” in 1954, then the “British Commonwealth Games” in 1970, and became the “Commonwealth Games” in 1978. (Wikipedia) When the games first started there were as few as 11 countries taking part, now there are 71. This report will discuss the stakeholders involved in the planning and delivery of Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games, the profile of the tourist expected to visit the city as a result of the games. It will also give a brief overview of some of the positive and negative impacts upon the city. Edward Freeman theory of stakeholders includes “those groups without whose support the organization would cease to exist." (Freeman) Such a broad concept would include suppliers, customers, stockholders, employees, the media, political action groups, communities, and governments. Such a large event as the Commonwealth games in Glasgow will need all these stakeholders to make the event a success.

Commonwealth games Scotland state that "Our stakeholders are individuals or organizations that receive, provide, have an interest or are involved in decisions that impact on the success of the Games." (CGCS) The commonwealth games for Scotland is the body that picks the Scottish team for each games and is the host association for the 2014 games. Other main stakeholders include the Commonwealth Games Federations, The Scottish government, The Glasgow City Council and the Delhi games. It is the commonwealth games federation’s job to include and represent the sports associations of each country that participate in the games. They are the stakeholder who job it was to award Glasgow with games and give them rules and standards on what must be delivered. The Scottish government are the main funders behind the event and are currently working so the games run smoothly and leave a good lasting impression on Scotland. The...
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