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The Commonwealth Essay Competition
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Opportunity Through Enterprise

The Commonwealth Essay Competition 2013 Prizes Topics The Modern Commonwealth Rules Notes for Guidance How to Enter Postal Entry Form 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

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Commonwealth Essay Competition 2013

1. Commonwealth Essay Competition
Every year, the Commonwealth Essay Competition inspires thousands of young writers from all over the world. Run by the Royal Commonwealth Society since 1883, it is the world’s oldest and largest schools’ international writing competition. Past winners include authors, journalists, politicians and academics, including Mr Lee Hsien Loong, the Prime Minister of Singapore and Elspeth Huxley. The Competition celebrates and nurtures the creative talents of young people across the Commonwealth, providing a platform for students to compete with their peers in each of the 54 nations which make up this unique association. Are you a writer? Are you interested in the world around you? Do you want your voice to be heard by others? If so, the Commonwealth Essay Competition is definitely for you. We encourage you to be creative in your response to our topics. You can submit a poem, letter, article, story, essay or even a short play. The choice is yours. Just get writing! Entrants are judged in two age groups, Junior (under 14 years) and Senior (14-18 years).

Deadline: 1st May 2013

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Opportunity Through Enterprise
2. Prizes
• Win a certificate • Win resources for your school • Be flown to London • Be invited to meet famous authors; take part in workshops to learn news skills; and do work experience at international organisations • See your entry featured in RCS publications and worldwide media

Junior Category
(Under 14s)
Junior Prize Winner Junior Runner Up Gold Awards Silver Awards Bronze Awards

Senior Category
(Ages 14-18)
Senior Prize Winner Senior Runner Up Gold Awards Silver Awards Bronze Awards

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Commonwealth Essay Competition 2013
3. Topics

Junior Category
Born after 1st May 1999
1. When has hard work paid off for you? 2. Creative thinking saved the day. 3. Tell us about a moment of opportunity which changed the life of your family, community, country, continent or the entire planet. 4. Is change a good thing? 5. Opportunities galore!

Senior Category
Born between 2nd May 1994 and 1st May 1999
1. A funding agency has asked you to make a pitch for an idea involving schools that would benefit your community. 2. “I knew this was my moment.” 3. Discuss one or more examples of social and/or environmental development where enterprise plays, or could play, a key role in changing the way people live. 4. “How enterprising!” a voice said as I closed the door behind me.

Junior and Senior
A bonus topic open to all entrants
1. “To boldly go ...”

5. Are we too risk-conscious these days?

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Opportunity Through Enterprise
4. The Modern Commonwealth
The Commonwealth is a unique global family of 54 member countries, encompassing a multitude of cultures, religions and institutions. From Africa to Asia, from the Pacific to the Caribbean, from Europe to North America, the Commonwealth’s 2.1 billion people make up a quarter of the world’s population. Moreover, half of the population of the Commonwealth is aged 25 or under. Commonwealth countries reflect every stage of economic development from the least developed and highly indebted to wealthy and industrialised, and range in size from a Pacific island like Nauru, with a population of 10,000, to India, which is 1.2 billion strong. Yet members emphasise English as a common working language and share similar systems of law,...
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