Common Sexual Disorders in Women

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The Two Common Sexual Disorders In Females
Tiarra Stuart
Centralia College

Theorectical Background
In women there are two different "sexual pain disorders" that are categorized. These are Vaginismus and dyspareunia. They were first categorized in the DSM-111-R(American Psychiatric Association,1987). These were also put into three other books as a sexual pian disorder(American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists,1995; AmericanPsychiatric Association,1994; and World Health Orginization,1992). In the DSM-IV, sexual pain disorders are the only pain problem that is outside of "pain disorders" and reflects the idea that it may be a special type of pain associated with sexual activity. This pain is also diffrent than any other type of pain listed. They ask a interesting question, that should make all women think "is the pain sexual or is the sex painful?"(Blink,Meana,Berkley,&Khalifa,1990). The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-HI-R) introduced the term "sexual pain disorder" to classify dyspareunia and vaginismus as sexual dysfunctions (American Psychiatric Association, 1987). Vaginismus and Dyspareunia are sexual issues that do not include a biological cause. Researchers believe that these are pain disorders that interfere with sexuality rather than sexual disorders that are caracterzied by pain. This focuses on the clinican and reseacher on the central phenonon-pain. It gives a new idea to research and treatment. Participants

Women who participated in these studies were premenopused and between the ages of 18 and 45 years. They were also in a steady relationship for atleast six months. Women were disculded from the group if any of the following applied to them; pregnancy or lactation,a diagonsis of a related disorder according to DSM-IV-TR (American Psyciatric Association,2000). All potential participants had to go through a sexual function interview by the first author during a first visit at the Department of Sexology. A shortened verson of SCID-1 was conducted (First, Spitzer, and Williams,1997; Lecrubier,1997; Sheehan,1997). Vulvar pain was tested by scoring pain by (yes/no) by light toughing of the vestibulum(De Kruiff, ter Kuile, Weijenborg,and van Lankveld, 2000). Variables

The variables of the study are listed below. The variables studies were measured by anyalisis after a designaed period of time. The primary goals of both studies were to observe the the impact that it had on the paitent. Dyspareunia (n = 49) Controls (n = 24) Vaginismus(n=49) Controls (n=24) Characteristics V SD M SD

Age (years) 28.2 6.5 26.6 7.5
Duration of relationship (years) 6.4 4.7 4.9 7.3
Married/co-habiting, N (%) 39 (79.6)∗ 10 (41.7)∗
Children, N (%) 5 (10.2) 4 (16.7)
Duration of dyspareunia (years) 6.3 4.1
Onset dyspareuniaa
Lifelong, N (%) 24 (52.2)
Diagnosis of VVS, N (%) 31 (63.3)
FSFI subscales
Desire 2.62∗∗ 1.07 4.10∗∗ 0.93
Arousal 3.12∗∗ 1.67 5.13∗∗ 1.23
Lubrication 3.46∗∗ 1.76 5.63∗∗ 1.23
Orgasm 3.45∗∗ 1.93 4.93∗∗ 1.56
Satisfaction 3.36∗∗ 1.25 5.57∗∗ 0.54
Pain 1.20∗∗ 1.29 5.65∗∗ 1.25
SAI Arousability 102.73∗∗ 33.88 131.33∗∗ 22.51
SAI Anxiety 1.84∗ 1.79 0.92∗ 1.47
In both studies prior to the assesment each participant was informed about the experimental procedures in detail. In each assesment the women were to enter a seven minute film. In the last five minutes of each film was used for the baseline of the assesment. The participants were exposed to two differnt nine minute erotic films, they did this to see how the VPA level would react after six minutes. At the end of the experiment a short interview and self assesment was taken, in which the women were asked to evaluate the films and experiment. All the women were individually tested by the first author. Results

Meana et al.(1997) argued that our central question; "is the pain sexual or is the sex painful?", is that its more than a semantic exercise. The answer to this question has...
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