Common Sense Religioin

Topics: Religion, Faith, Christianity Pages: 2 (475 words) Published: October 21, 2010
Common-Sense Religion
Common Sense Religion by Daniel Dennett is an argumentative essay. Dennett talks about different people belonging to different religion believe that life is meaningless without a religion. The poor, who can hardly feed themselves, put money in collection plate for the sake of religion and think that they have beautified their life after death. But there is no guarantee if there money is really being used for good (for needy), what if it is not? If this money collection is done through a preacher, does this still remain a filthy work? Every religion thinks that the other one is stumpy. It is equally believed in every religion that the non-believers are totally out of the question and there is no escape for them. Nowadays religious people have three different attitudes: the time hasn’t come yet to decide which religion is high-class, you have to have a religion no matter which one, and religious beliefs cannot be denied even if it is not helping you out anyway. Most of the people have a specific religion for the sake of society. But it is our own common sense which one to believe or which one not to. It is up to you which path you choose. Anything can be used for good or for bad. So the love to God cannot be presented by doing habitual and customary acts. Analysis

The most important thing in a religion is the trust in God. It doesn’t make any difference that you are giving away how much money to religious collection organizations. If you give away money you are unsure nowadays that the money will go to the deserving or not. I have experienced this personally, how money doesn’t go to the needy through collection organizations. Dennett said absolutely true that religion has become a fashion these days. People only say that they belong to a specific religion to show everyone around them and do huge amount of charity to be higher in society. But a belief of this kind is useless. We do nothing for our religion but fighting since very...
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