Common Sense and Integrative Thinking

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  • Published : August 30, 2011
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Common Sense and Integrative Thinking
This article is a discussion about Common Sense and Integrative Thinking. It discusses about the connection or role of Common Sense in Integrative Thinking on the basis of “Common sense and Integrative thinking” by Joy Ben and Sally Dresdow, 2009. I will be discussing about their arguments. This paper will show the link between Common Sense and Integrative Thinking. In general Common Sense does not seem to play a great role in Integrative Thinking but actually Common Sense does play an important part in Integrative Thinking and it helps to Improve Integrative Thinking. This paper support the argument of the author that the common sense and Integrative Thinking are connected and if common sense is accessed properly in the beginning of the Integrative Thinking it will improve the Integrative Thinking in later stages. Body

The strength of the authors in their article is they support Common Sense enhance Integrative Thinking, If Common Sense is integrated at first stage then it will enhance the thinking in the other stages and the Common Sense and Integrative Thinking are compatible to each other. On the other hand the authors have weak argument like Common Sense can interfere with integrative Thinking, the insights and intuitions derived from past experience and action can overemphasize knowledge acquisition for taking action. Common sense is the sound practical judgement which is not dependent of any specialized knowledge or training but with the normal native intelligence. Common sense decides the situation without much thinking, and sees the things as it sees. It is a gut feeling, native ability, knowing how, learning from mistakes, demonstrable cognitive abilities and self-motivated. The common sense gives people the ability to make reasonable assumptions and think different courses of action, to think realistic expectations and to make sensible decisions and it takes corrective path when things go...
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