Common Sense

Topics: American Revolution, Thomas Paine, United States Declaration of Independence Pages: 2 (625 words) Published: October 8, 2010
After reading excerpts from the pamphlet “Common Sense”, written by Thomas Paine in 1776, I developed a sense of understanding for many different aspects of the article. About a quarter of the way through, I found myself very much interested in what I was reading. However, I was interested to an extent where I felt as if I was living in the 18th century and I strongly agreed with everything Thomas Paine was saying. By the end of the reading, I felt overwhelmingly opposed to the British, and I was enthusiastically in favor for the independence of America. After further analyzation, I realized Thomas Paine knew how to use his rhetoric. Throughout the excerpt he employed many different tactics to persuade the reader, and put them in favor of independence. Reading the article; I saw Tom taking both sides of the argument, and creatively slaughtering the opposing side. However, Reverend Charles Inglis says Paine did not bring out the negative aspects of declaring independence. After reading his points, I can understand Inglis’ view, and how he is scared of the consequences that could come from becoming independent. However, putting myself in the place of an angry Bostonian, who feels intruded by a load of Red Coats, I would imagine myself to be overly moved by Tom’s writing. To the extreme that I would want to grab a gun and head straight into war.

One instance where Tom employs rhetoric is when he takes the argument that America has flourished under British Supremacy, therefore they must remain under their rule. He then uses a metaphor of a baby not eating meat since his drinking of milk was so nourishing. This metaphor which he uses, not only catches the readers attention, but it also helps the reader relate to what he is saying and allows them to understand his point better. Once having the readers attention, he goes to say that not having Britain’s presence may have been even more beneficial to their colonies. By using a simple metaphor he is able to have the...
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