Common Sense

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  • Published : May 13, 2013
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Common Sense
Common sense is the knowledge and thinking ability a person acquires through experience and from teachings passed on from others, and is used to deal with everyday life in appropriate manners. It is what a person relies on to tell them, generally, what is right or wrong, good or bad, and what is best for them in a given situation to sustain overall well-being. It reflects the thought process that is used when faced with possible uncertainty, and it relies heavily on memory. It enables someone to compare their present to moments of their past and to use judgment based on connections between the two (sometimes in opposition to logic). In other words, common sense is a person’s intuition, and this instinct is constantly molded over the course of their lifetime.

It can be agreed that experience and guidance in the early stages of life leads to better common sense. From birth, parents influence the instincts and thinking skills that their children develop. They teach their young to use their senses to navigate the world around them. Parents also guide their children through understanding what their senses are telling them. It is during this early-life period that children acquire reasoning and memory skills which are used for the remainder of their lives. For example, whenever a child plays outside in chilly weather, the mother will encourage them to bundle up so that they do not catch a cold. However, when that child does not listen and gets sick, they will eventually make the connection between feeling bad and their mother’s warning. From that point on, it will be instinctive for the child to grab a coat if it is cold outside; nothing more than a subconscious bid for well-being.

Although it seems as if common sense would a basic function of the mind with everyone being capable of it; there are many people who do not possess this ability. As French writer Voltaire said, “Common sense is not so common.” There some people who do not have the...
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