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Topics: Decision making, Hong Kong, Critical thinking Pages: 4 (996 words) Published: March 6, 2013
HKTDC is an institution that facilitates the growth of Hong Kong companies through promoting trades in good and services. Throughout the whole year, lots of events were organized by HKTDC, such as the Hong Kong International Lighting Fair 2012 and Hong Kong Fashion weeks, in order to sustain the prosperity of Hong Kong. Majoring in marketing, I fully believe that I have possessed marketing senses and thinking to provide positive influence on the existing marketing campaigns. With the correct Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning, HKTDC can deliver more values to companies in Hong Kong.

Apart from the theories, I have accumulated experience in organizing functions in University. I have successfully held Annual Performance and Orientation Camp 2010; the scale of the event accommodated approximately 1,000 participants. Also, I have joined S Square Systems Limited to strengthen my experience in handling real-life marketing campaigns and problems. As a member of dance team for 3 years, I fully recognize the importance and value of a team. I strongly believe these experience and values are useful for me to contribute to HKTDC as an Executive Trainee.

Last but not the least, I am responsible and willing to learn. I know I am still lack of experience in the field and I might get wrongs in the initial stage, I would like to try and learn from the errors in order to avoid repeating the same mistakes. Career aspiration

1. Traditional career success:
People who are motivated and inspired to enhance their professional skills to achieve advancement in the organization’s hierarchy level. People who seek a position that has potential to – Establish status, responsibility, higher salary and authority. 2. Security:

People who seek a solid job that represents stability and predictability. Person who prefers to work at workplaces that offer a long term secured position over advancement. 3. Expertise:
People who seek positions that offer...
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