Common Myths About the Poor in America

Topics: Poverty, United States, Poverty in the United States Pages: 1 (408 words) Published: July 10, 2011
Common Myths about the Poor in America
Poverty is the big problem in the world and the myths about the poor are vary in different countries. Culture, social belief and norms, religion, socioeconomic levels and politic are factors that directly affects on rate of poverty in different countries. Some researchers see poor people as “deficient” and innately inferior due to genetic factors that produce lower intelligence and cognitive abilities (Herrnstein & Murray). In elevated countries like America due to inequality in wages and life style level from one side and in other side the distributing of free benefits by social services for poor which is comparable life style with working class people, creates a reason to refusing the work and get lazy. Most poor people are minorities. Distribution of the poverty rate in different American communities shows that; almost 44 percent of people living in poverty are white. In proportion, however 8 percent of whites live in poverty compared with 25 percent of African American. 22 percent of Latinos, and 10 percent of Asian Americans ( DeNavas- Walt et al 2008). The American demographics studies shows that a large number (43 percent) of poor people live in inner cities, and the rest of poor population lives in suburban, small towns and rural communities. Most of the poor are single mothers and their children with distribution of 53 percent in comparing with 37 percent of married couple families and the rest of 9 percent are father headed households who are poor. Most of the poor are elderly, about 10 percent of people over 65 years old age are in poverty and in comparing with younger age, under 18 years old, 36 percent are living in poverty (DeNavas- Walt et al 2008). In comparing with wealthy communities the poor get special advantages. The poor people pay more for goods and services than do weather people. Supermarket chains and discount stores rarely locate in low income communities, and because...
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