Common Ms Office Errors

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Common MS Office Errors
Bryan Scholting
IT 206
Christopher Barret

Microsoft Word:
Microsoft Word is a powerful word processing program that allows you to create professional looking documents with speed and a small effort. Word allows you to create documents for personal and business use and comes loaded with a variety of tools. You can change font size, type, and color. You can format how the lines are spaced, where your paragraphs start, and how your indention works. You can insert objects such as pictures, clip art, tables, charts, headers and footers. You can also change your page layout and even add references, which is useful for students. Common Problems:

1. Incompatibility – Microsoft is up to version 2010 which is great because they add new features to all of the new versions. The problem is when you use the newer Word programs; they don’t always work in the older ones. Sometimes the older program won’t even open it, and if it does the document may have errors that you don’t have time to fix. To fix this problem you need to save the file so it is compatible with other programs. To do this click the office button, click on Save As, and then under the drop down menu where it says save as type, choose the program you want it to save as (like word 97-2003 etc.). The older programs will now display them properly, and the 2007 or 2010 version will still open them in original state.

2. Cannot open this file name/File cannot be opened – Sometimes you will want to open a document you have already been working on. When you go to open that document you will get an error that says “cannot open file name” or “file cannot be opened.” One problem is that you may be using a different version of Word. The second problem is you didn’t save it in the right format. To fix this you should save your documents in an older format if you plan on using an older version. That way the older version will be able to open it without any problems.

3. Formatting errors – Sometimes while you are formatting you will make an error or see an error. To prevent this you should always save your work before you make any major changes. If you make a mistake you can use the undo button. It goes back quite far so don’t be afraid if you make more than one mistake. One cool feature you can use is track changes. This will show you all the changes you have made so you know where the mistake is and what you ddid to make the mistake.

4. Wrong settings – Word has preset settings for everything it does. This includes parapraphs, indentions, text size etc. This may cause errors to your document. You can change these by going to the office button and clicking on Word Options. In here you can change your settings around to what makes you more comfortable.

5. Bad macros – Macros make things a lot easier for some people. It’s a great feature to use but sometimes you get errors. You should check to make sure the macro is set up properly. One small mistake and the macro will not work. You should also make sure that it’s a reliable macro. If you found it on the internet, it may not be a functional one. If your still having problems, take all macros off and re create it.

Microsoft Excel:
Excel is a great spreadsheet program that is used to analyze and store data. You can use Excel to create tables, queries, forms and pages, reports and macros. Excel stores a great deal of data, and can be slightly difficult to use. But once you get the hang of it, it will organize your data in an easy and efficient manner. Common Problems:

1. Cannot find the file – An error that may occur while using Excel is the cannot find the file error. This will happen when trying to open a file you were working on. Its becoming popular but there is a solution. Go to the tools and options window, click on the general tab and there will be a check box that says “ignore other applications.” Make sure this is not checked. This is probably the...
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