Common Facebook Issues for Schools and How to Resolve Them

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YHGfL: Common Facebook issues for schools and how to resolve them

Common Facebook issues for schools and how to resolve them
Love it or loathe it, with over 28 million users in the UK alone, Facebook cannot be ignored. It is the social network of choice for many young people in our schools and it is difficult to accurately predict how many users on the site are under 18 years of age. If you do a quick straw poll of your class you will probably find the vast majority of them have at least one account perhaps several. The terms and conditions of the site state that users must be 13 and over, however, as there is no verification, many users simply lie about their age. While many schools have taken the decision to block the site, unfortunately that doesn’t stop issues arising at home and then spilling into the classroom. With the rise in popularity and availability of mobile internet many young people access the site through their own internet connected devices. If unchecked, these problems can escalate rapidly and have a detrimental impact on the rest of the class as well as the individual pupils concerned. This guide will look at some of the common issues that schools are reporting and how to deal with them. The advice is split into two sections: ‘Immediate Action’ and ‘Prevention Strategies.’ It is important to note that in order to address most common Facebook issues you will need to have an account. If you are going to create an account, make sure you keep professional and personal use completely separate. For further advice about this, download the following guide:

Using Facebook safely: A guide for professionals working with young people.

We know that many staff enjoy using Facebook but may find it difficult to know what settings they should choose to help keep themselves safe. YHGfL has produced a handy guide to help them out. This guide takes you through some of the risks and shows you the settings you can change to help protect yourself.

April 2012

YHGfL: Common Facebook issues for schools and how to resolve them

Issues and Problems
Upsetting or offensive comments Harassment through Inbox messages Pages that are upsetting or offensive Student users under 13 Upsetting or offensive comments through Facebook Chat Upsetting or offensive comments through Facebook Groups Chat Issues with photographs False profiles of staff or students Students are repeatedly sending ‘Friends’ requests to staff. Page 2 Page 5 Page 7 Page 9 Page 11 Page 13 Page 14 Page 16 Page 17

Students have been posting nasty comments about a teacher or Page 19 another student. Useful Links Page 20

April 2012


YHGfL: Common Facebook issues for schools and how to resolve them

Unwanted Wall Posts
Typical Scenarios
A student or member of staff complains that people are posting nasty or upsetting comments on their Facebook wall. A parent has complained that her child is being bullied on Facebook and that people are writing offensive things on her child’s page.

There are two ways that people can post on a Facebook wall. Due to the way that Facebook is set up, only people that your pupils have as ‘Friends’ can post comments on their wall. This means that your students can control who can post on their wall very easily through controlling their ‘Friends’ list.

Immediate action: Removing the unwanted post
To remove any posts from your profile, simply hover over the offending post and on the righthand side you will see a cross and the word ‘Remove’ will appear. If you click this button you will be asked if you are sure and then the post will be deleted. Finally it is important to block the person who is posting the unwanted comments. To do this, click on their profile and scroll down. On the left hand side you will see a list which includes the option to ‘Report/Block This Person’. You will then be able to report or block. If you report you will be...
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