Common Characteristics of an Organization

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  • Published: February 24, 2013
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Common Characteristics of an Organization

July 9, 2012
David Sarnowski

Common Characteristics of an Organization has moved through the trenches as they have built their business. Their company is an online shoe retailer that focuses on building a strong brand. By doing so profits were shown to be successful since they have been founded. With their success thee secret was very simple. The founder Nick Swinmurn started this business along with Tony Hsieh in 1999. The story that was told Swinmurn left a voicemail to Hsieh where he almost deleted the message. Swinmurn told him about those selling shoes was a $40 billion market. From there they have launched officially in June 1999. This business will be presented with the common characteristics with systems, rules and norms. Also they will show the hierarchy, communication networks, organizational orientation, and leadership approaches. management communication and decision making will be demonstrated and will show what two common characteristics are the most influenced by communication within the organization. (System) Zappos along with other businesses have been able to maintain a distinctive offering that attracts an extremely loyal customer base. A characteristic with systems for Zappos is all online shopping. Customer service is solely built around their business. In order to succeed they do have ten core values in place to as a code of honor. Following these values is for the employees and any consultants within the company. The one type of system Zappos focuses on is their customers to spread the news through word-of-mouth and a Search Engine Marketing (SEM) tool. The brand loyalty is a major factor that has made this company rise to the lacks of other strong brands. Brand loyalty is enhanced by the service and product that the company delivers to the clients. If the service is memorable then it won’t take long for people to relate easy purchase with this brand. Rules can be defined as the restrictions that a group or society have seen fit to define our behavior and ways by which we interact with each other. This will mainly define the ways and behavior that this organization uses to ensure that all its brands display a presentable image in the public. These formal rules have been made into a routine that ensures that the best qualities of the company are to at first hand. These rules will be accompanied in the policies and procedures that are taught to all the employees and employers. The rules will lay out a specific way of doing their business hence becoming the procedure of conducting business. Polices can be found through the core values that have been used to make it the business that it is today. These values have been incorporated in the various activities that the human resource conducts. We can recognize that the Human resource is a key factor in this organization. This is due to the fact that it is crucial to setting the environment required to have a successful business. This can be seen through how they hire and fire, how they train their employees, the customer service they encourage, on how they enhance empowerment of the clients and employees and finally the leadership programmers they have. This can be identified as the acceptable way to do things; the norms will lead to creating a belief system in the company. By understanding the company’s core values one will realize the norm and rules that the company abides to. Zappos tries to maintain a unique company culture that identifies itself from all its competitors out there. Its culture is evident in all the activities it does and also through their interactions with their clients and suppliers. This can also be identified by finding employers that envision the company’s culture. This core values can be identified as the following (, 2010). 1. Delivering wow through service

2. Embrace and Drive change
3. Create fun and a...
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