Common Biases in Self Perception

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Assignment 1 – Yvonne Zhang (ID: 541878)

Essay Question:
Identify and explain the common biases in self-perception outlined by Dunning et al. (2003) and Yammarino and Atwater (1997). Discuss how 360-feedback systems can contribute to more accurate self-perception

Perception is the cognitive process of absorbing the sensory information presented from the world and its environment; and structuring it individually to form a basis for which actions and decisions are made. An interaction between the world and ourselves to make sense of the unknown presented to us, very useful for the conductions of everyday life. This process may also be performed on one’s self, known as self-perception, however this method will generally produce an inaccurate or flawed portrayal that may have adverse implications on self-understanding and development. There are many reasons and biases for which this occurs; outlined in Dunning et al. (2003), many judgments about ourselves are conducted through a top down approach, leading to imprecise conclusions. There are implications of being incompetent that disallow an accurate self-perception as well as a self-enhancement effect in the human psyche that also seems to play an important role in our self-judgment. In an effort to reduce the effects of these biases and gain deeper understanding of the analysis we make, a 360-feedback system has been established and helps to contribute to a more accurate self-perception, by providing more perspectives of the individual.

The top down approach of drawing perceptions about ourselves is one which we utilize our own...
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