Commodity Market

Topics: Futures contract, Commodity market, Bond market Pages: 45 (14163 words) Published: April 5, 2013

When I started my internship I founded it very difficult because I have to work as a Junior Relationship Manager and I was totally unaware of what to do and whom to approach, but slowly as progress, I did realize that I was not alone after all! There were friends and well wishers, their generous help and support made it a relative easier. This company helped me to gain practical knowledge of how a broking company works. I would like to acknowledge ADITYA BIRLA MONEY for hosting this research and giving me an opportunity to present a term paper. This project bears an imprint of many people. I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude MR. ALOK CHIRANYA for his guidance, vital encouragement. I am highly indebted to him for his support and for his understanding and assistance and much needed motivation who have made the completion of this term paper possible.

I would like to thank our Principal, Rev. Father Dr. Felix Raj S.J. and our Vice Principal, Rev. Father Dominic Savio S.J. for giving this great opportunity to carry out the research. The project undertaken by me was an extremely rewarding experience for me in terms of learning and exposure.

I extend my deepest gratitude to my internal research guide, Prof. Shivaji Banerjee, Marketing Management, Dept. of Commerce. He has always helped me out with valuable information and has contributed immensely towards the successful completion of this project. Without sir, this project would have been impossible.

Last but not the least, I would like to show my gratitude to all those people who have provided me assistance and help in completion of this project whose names could not have been included due to paucity of space Contents

Chapter 1
* Introduction
* Objectives of the Study
* Importance of the Study
Chapter 2
* Theoretical foundation
Chapter 3
* Company Profile
* Vision, Mission & Quality Policy
* SWOT Analysis
Chapter 4
* Commodity Trading – A prudence investment strategy
* Introduction
* Objectives of commodity trading
* Top Three commodities
* Hedging & Speculation
* Participants in futures market & trading procedure
* Myths on Commodity trading
* What can commodity market offer
* Future market mechanism
* Limitations on commodity market
Chapter 5
* Research methodology
* Data analysis & Interpretation
Chapter 6
* Findings & recommendation
* Learning
* Glossary
* Reference
* Annexure
In the times of economic recession and global meltdown, when global stock indices are breaching their previous lows, stock prices are falling headlong making new lows every day, and business newspapers like The Economic Times are coming up with headlines like “Saare Zameen Par” on a regular basis, investors are really worried about their investment. The market volatility really effects the investors’ investment in a very large way. So, in this project I will try to find out how the market volatility effect the stock market where people invest and how the investors are really overcome this market volatility situation. The equity markets have been on a roller-coaster ride in the past few weeks. While India is relatively shielded from the sub-prime problem, its alignment to international markets and an increased presence of foreign investors, especially hedge funds, has made our stock markets move in tandem with global markets. Investors are looking for some other place to invest their hard-earned money. Commodity market is one such market which has provided a good opportunity to the investors to earn good returns. People are looking to diversify their portfolios to maximize their return on investment. Commodity market is one such place where some good money can be made. Commodity prices are on the rise and the further outlook for the boom in these markets is positive. Analysts expect the...
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