Commercialization and Westernization of India

Topics: Western culture, Sociology, Society Pages: 2 (557 words) Published: September 5, 2012
How has rampant commercialization and westernization of India impacted the society and its attitude ? Discuss some of the positive and negative aspects of the same. India, seventh largest country by area and second most populous country, is a land of diversity. It is one the fastest growing economy of the world and with transforming society. There are many factors contributing to the change but Commercialization, Westernization and Modernization are the main driving force. Commercialization refers to anything that has money/commerce involved in it. There is a difference between westernization and modernization. Modernization entails a change in belief about the way the world operates whereas westernization entails mimicking/imitating the way one should live. Westernization has impact on every aspect of your life, be the way we dress, the way we talk or the way we dream of our life to be. Westernization helped people to become self-independent, helped in empowering the women in India and also made people aware of the unscientific beliefs or superstitions and made them to think scientific. Moreover it provided strength to many people to follow their dreams. But beside all these, it also created the society where no one cares for each other and broke down the tradition of joint family. Now-a-days people hardly know who their neighbours are. Moreover different societies have adopted it differently, so there arises the friction between the societies. The same can be seen with the youths also. Youths by following western culture feels that they are class apart than the normal Indians. Many take pride in western culture without knowing what their own culture is and why he is following. In addition to it, they are sharp increase in the drug intake by youth. We can also see a sharp decrease in respect for elders. It is also among the main reason for increasing number of divorce cases in India. Commercialization has grown deep roots in the society and has affected the...
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