Commercialism Deteriorates the American Dream

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  • Published : October 12, 2005
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Commercialism Deteriorates The American Dream
Nothing says winter quite like a bare-chested male model wearing merely a decorative scarf for perfect protection of the Adam's apple. Is it just me or does the image of a half naked male model decked out in nothing but a wool scarf in the dead of winter seem to somehow defeat the purpose of a clothing advertisement? Abercrombie & Fitch offers these mindless money-making schemes constantly. They have experienced public defame in the media for years over their advertisements that are practically child pornography. However, the truth is that sex sells and nothing is going to censor their method of sales, even if it negatively affects company image. These are the images seeping into America's young people. Abercrombie & Fitch, though intended to appeal to college aged consumers, is strongly attracting teenagers at a rapidly growing pace. This particular advertisement and millions of others just like it are filling America's young people with many false promises of a more desirable life. The results of this excessively materialistic behavior are broad and extremely detrimental to this entire nation's outlook on what life should be like. As our country becomes wealthier and more educated, we experience fewer necessities and more desires. Often times abusing our power as a supreme global force and dismissing the American Dream, we trade in such morals as family structure, importance of environment, loyalty to community, and deep interpersonal connections in exchange for a shallow, corrupt paradox of the American Dream.

The United States has a very high standard of living, and we may be subject to criticism not because we value things so much more highly and/or to the exclusion of anything else, but because we have, as a percent of the population, so many more people in our middle class than many other countries do. These people have "discretionary" income, which enables them to live with some degree of comfort...
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