Commercial Liens - a Potent Weapon

Jury , Constitutionality , Lawsuit


Version 1.0

|Edited by Build Freedom staff | |[with acknowledgments and credit to Alfred Adask (Publisher of AntiShyster magazine), Richard Boalbey, David | |DeReimer, and the various lien authors, for providing some of the content] | |(Applicable To The U.S.A.; Adaptable For Some Other Countries) | |Common Law Copyright, 1995 by Build Freedom Holdings | |All Rights Reserved. | |Notice: This document is free for personal use only. No part of these materials may be reproduced in any form -| |except for personal use - without permission from the copyright holder. |

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

• Introduction
• Scope and Purpose of Manual
• Some Notes on the Sample Briefs
• The Commercial Lien Strategy - Background
• Some Examples of the Strategy
• The Power Of Commercial Liens

Chapter 2

• Theory of Commercial Lien Strategy
• Introduction
• The Commercial Affidavit Process
• Constitutions as Enforceable Contracts
• Bonding of Government Officials

Chapter 3

• Basic Concepts of Liens
• Lien - Definition
• Different Types of Liens
• Comparisons
• Liens vs. Levies

Chapter 4

• Procedure and Implementation
• Research
• Notice and Demand
• Notice of Default
• Commercial Lien
• Lawsuits and Criminal Complaints

Chapter 5

• Mistakes and Pitfalls to Avoid
• Defective Legal Form and Procedure
• "Hanson-type" or "Nebulous" Liens
• Aiming Too High
• Beware of "Exotic" Arguments

Chapter 6

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