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  • Published : October 23, 2011
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3 Different PSA’s or Commercials
The commercial “The force” that was made by Volkswagen is a creative funny commercial that was played on the Super bowl. During the commercial, a young little boy wearing a Darth Vader costume, without the gloves, walks around his suburban home attempting to use the Force on various household items, including a washing machine, exercise bicycle, dog, baby doll and sandwich. He opens his hands and tries to move the items, but has no success and grows increasingly disappointed with each attempt. Soon his father arrives home, pulling into the driveway in a Volkswagen Passat. The boy rushes past his father to the car and extends his hands again, trying to use the Force on the vehicle. His father uses the remote keyless switch on his keychain to start the vehicle. When it suddenly starts, the boy is taken aback in shock, believing he has successfully started the car himself with the Force.

The commercial ”Go forth” made by Levi’s is a wonderful unique ad that gives me the chills every time I hear it. It gives out a speech or a poem on going forward and living your life and not giving up on your life. The ad taps into the sense of youthful rebellion and is very uplifting, optimistic and powerful. It’s interesting because it is a pure brand platform with the products placed subtlety, almost invisibly, within the creative. Levi’s are bravely pushing product through a pure, emotive brand communication. It’s full of youthful optimism and pioneering spirit. “Border Crossing” commercial made by Coca-Cola is about a Coca-Cola delivery truck is stopped at a border crossing by serious guards who want to inspect the contents of the vehicle. As they climb into the back of the truck and close the doors behind themselves, the driver can only watch as the entire lorry begin to rock. Inside, the guards have found the FIFA World Cup trophy and are jubilantly dancing, cheering and photographing themselves with the supreme icon of football glory....
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