Commercial Cleaning Price Projections

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Building Projections

Charge per Square Feet to provide general cleaning
2,000 Square Feet or less @ .13-.15 cents
2,000 – 4,000 Square Feet @ .09 cents
5,000 – 7,000 Square Feet @ .07-.08 cents
7,000 – 10,000 Square Feet @ .05 cents
10,000 Square Feet and up @ .04 cents

Carpet Shampooing or Extraction is separate @ .13-.15 cents
Stripping and Waxing Tile Floors is separate @ .26-.30 cents

Spray Buffing tile floors can or cannot be separate, this can be included in the General Bid Price. All you have to do is project the amount of time spend and put an hourly figure and include in Bid Price.

Remember these prices may vary based upon a number of things such as: 1.Amount of cleaning done on a daily basis (i.e. M-F or M-W-F) or amount of people using the building as well as the type of building such as office/warehouse, call centers, and medical facilities. 2.



A.All trash receptacles are to be emptied and trash removed to a collection point. (all trash bags and liners to be furnished by client). B.Vacuum Wellness Area and Restrooms with carpeting.

C.Clean and polish drinking fountains
D.Thoroughly dust all horizontal surfaces, including desk tops, files, window seals, chairs, tables, pictures and all manner of furnishings. E.Damp wipe all horizontal surfaces to remove coffee rings and spillage as needed. F.Dust telephones.

G.Dust mop hard surface floors with a treated dust mop.
H.Damp mop hard surface floors to remove any spillage from soiled areas. I.Damp wipe entrance metal and fingerprints on entrance glass. J.Use an industry standard disinfectant for proper sanitation.
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