Commercial Analysis on Doritos Commercial

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  • Published : November 4, 2010
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Commercial Analysis

The setting is at the front of the house with a man knocking on the front door with some flowers. Then an attractive female comes to greet him and accepts the flowers. They are now in the living room area with the little boy in the same room with a video game controller. But on the table there is a bowl filled with perfectly stacked Doritos where the little kid of about 5 to 6 years old is playing video games.

The man knocks on the front door of the house with a bouquet of flowers. Then an attractive female opens the door. Then the man hands her flowers and she says “Aw thank you, Have a seat.” Then as the female walks away to put the flowers away, the male then starts to look at her nice backside. While doing this the female’s child catches him doing it and drops the videogame controller in his hand. The man then comes to sit by the kid and says to him “What’s going on little man, I see you have your game skills down packing.” During this the man reaches for the Doritos and grabs one says “You might have your hands full when I pick up the controller little man.” The man is about to put the Doritos chip in his mouth when the little kid smacks him in the face. The little kid then points to the bowl of Doritos and says “Put it back!” The little kid then puts two fingers in the man’s face and says “Keep your hands off my momma.” Then puts one of his fingers down and says “Keep your hands off my Doritos.” Then he puts the other finger down and puts his face in the man’s face like a stare down type of thing. Then the commercial ends with the Doritos logo.
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