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Microwave Ovens in India

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Microwave Ovens in India

Case Microwave Ovens
Marketing strategy planning means finding attractive opportunities and developing profitable marketing strategies. A marketing strategy specifies a target market and a related marketing mix. It’s a picture of what a firm will do in some market. 1.1Market Segment

The company must find a way to segment the market and defines a target market. It is a fairly homogenous group of customers to whom company wishes to appeal. We could find 3 different dimensions to segment the market: The demographic Segmentation

The different income to segment the market:
- The highest class
-The middle class (90 million people earning between $4,500 and $22,000 annually) - The expanding class (287 million people, those that hope to join the middle class. Their household income is between $2,000 and $4,500 in 2010). The geographic Segmentation

- Urban
- Rural
Customers type Segmentation
- Common household: With 2 segments of segment: Family / Students - Business: Hotels, Fast Food, Restaurants …

1.2My strategy:

I choose a single-segment strategy.
I want to sell the products in one segment:
Rural population, included small emerging cities.
I choose this segment because the competition starts to be really hard in the urban area, 70% of the sales are concentrated in the urban area but it doesn’t mean that the company can take enough market shares to be profitable. For the majority of the population in rural area, the Microwave Ovens is a very new product and the main problem is that a part of the population doesn’t know the Microwave Ovens. But there would be less competition in this segment and the company can take big market shares. More over a lot of small cities are...
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