Commenting on the Topic: “Westminster Palace Is a True Visiting Card of London”

Topics: English-language films, Royal family, United Kingdom Pages: 1 (274 words) Published: January 16, 2013
It is widely known, that London is a big and fabulous city. It attracts thousands of visitors from home and abroad. And no one will deny the fact that one of the reasons for doing this is the presence of many interesting and beautiful places with rich and long history behind. One of those, and, as I suppose, the most beautiful administrative building is Westminster Palace. First of all, it is clear to everybody, that the Queen wouldn’t have chosen the building to be her home, unless it was grand, strikingly beautiful and imposing. Next, a strong argument for Westminster Palace to be one of the most popular place to see is that the Palace is situated in the center of London, and this fact clearly shows its’ importance and popularity. It also leaves little chance to other historic buildings to come first among London’s sights/sightseeing places. Thirdly, there is a great number of traditions, connected with the Palace. For instance: the changing of its’ guards, the wedding balcony etc. … But the most interesting tradition about which the few know is the raising of the British Flag when the Queen is inside. You can also get inside, while the Royal Family is out in the summer. Finally, we can often see Westminster Palace on TV, it’s usually shown in the news reportages or chronics. Any program about London considers it really necessary to include Westminster palace in their reviews or guides. All these facts bring us to the conclusion that one of the most fascinating place full of secrets and riddles, which needs to be seen first after the arrival to London.
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