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Lesson 1--Commentary Study
Fill in the blank, insert a letter or circle the best answer. Answers to the commentary study questions are to be recorded in the space provided. Creation of All Things
1.What are the two chapter divisions that summarize the book of Genesis in two great sections? (Identify the chapter splits and their associated titles.)

Genesis (1-11) The Preliminaries Genesis (12-50) The Patriarchs____________________________________________________

2.List the four main events of the first chapter division of Genesis from memory with the associated Scripture portions.

1 Creation__________________________3 Condemnation_________________

2 Corruption_________________________4_Confussion____________________

3.What are the ‘vital’ statistics concerning the book of Genesis? Creation of all things. Without it nothing as we know it would be possible. Father Abraham show the pattern of faith we should all follow

___________________________________________________________________ Matching:

4.___c__First day a.Fish and fowl
5.___f__Second dayb.Plant life
6.___b__Third dayc.Light
7.___e__Fourth dayd.Land animals and man
8.___a__Fifth daye.Sun, moon, stars
9___d__Sixth dayf.Space and water
10.___g__Seventh dayg.God rests

What are the four great institutions given by God to man?

12._Human Government___________________________________
13._The Nation Israel___________________________________
14._The Church___________________________________
15.The interval between Genesis 1 and Genesis 2 is referred to by some as: The Gap Theory a.The Day-Age Theoryb.Day of Luciferc. ( The Gap Theory) 16.True or FalseThe radiometric and radiocarbon dating methods are precise. 17.Adam was commanded both to ____rule_________________ and __produce_______________________. Corruption of All Things

18.How did Satan begin his treachery towards God’s created beings? By sowing doubt about God’s word__________________________________________ 19.How did Eve make matters worse in the exchange with Satan? Trying to match wits with Satan_______________________________________________ 20.According to the New Testament, who actually was the first sinner? __Adam____________ 21.Describe the fivefold divine judgment resulting from man’s fall into sin. 1. Serpent curse is to crawl upon its belly and eat dust all the days of its life. Gen (3:14) 2. Satan is to suffer a fatal head wound

3. Eve would bring forth children in pain and sorrow her desire shall be to Adam and Adam shall have rule over Eve 4. Adam would not be allowed to eat of the garden anymore. Adam was to till the soil to grow his own food. 5. Upon nature is to bring forth thorns and thistles to land and Adam was told he had to eat the herbs of the field. 22.What is the significance of Gen. 3:15?

The curse put on woman and serpent. The interpretation can be different but one could say that the serpent and Eve would be bitter enemies from then on. Eve offspring also would be enemies against the serpent and likewise the serpent. Christ would be the one to crush Satan in the end.

23.True or( False) Man’s expulsion from the Garden of Eden was an act of judgment. False 24.Explain how Jehovah attempted to restore Cain?
God went and told Cain about his bloodless sacrifices. God told Cain to do what he supposes to do and his sacrifices would be accepted. This sacrifice would have restored Cain with God. 25.Who was the first recorded preacher in the Bible? _Enoch______________________

Ronnie Hannah

Lesson 2--Commentary Study
Fill in the blank, insert a letter or circle the best answer, or give a brief written answer. Answers to the...
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