Commentary on the Poem “I, Too, Sing America”

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  • Published : December 29, 2012
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Commentary on the Poem “I, too, sing America”
Hello, my name is ..... from the ......, and I am in English A standard level class. I will be analyzing the Poem “I, too, sing America” by Langston Hughes written in 1945, famous in the Harlem Renaissance as an effective author in the Black society. In Hughes contemporary society black Americans were discriminated against, killed violently, and banned from many primitive rights and services. The main purpose of this text is to impart equity between the blacks and the whites in the United State and the colour of your skin is not the indicator of your nationality. The speaker of this poem is first person, however Hughes is representing a larger group by using the repetition of “I” in “I, too sing America”. The “I” is representing the African American society pressured and regulated by the whites; he is speaking from the perspective of a lower class servant exploring his pride, difficulties, and dreams. Thus, the intended audience of this text would be both Whites and Black of that period, as it raises awareness in the pride, importance and, hopes of the Black society; and raises hope for the Blacks displaying the brighter future awaiting the African American. Langston Hughes free verse poem “I, too, sing America” establishes resilience of Black Americans and how they will soon rise to equity with the Whites.

The title of the poem “I, too, sing America” is an allusion to “I Hear America Singing” by Walt Whitman in the 1800s, which provokes unity in America including all the different socio-economical classes in various jobs and statuses. Hughes intentions behind this allusion is to express the Blacks as a part of American nation, the use of irregular punctuation in the phrase “I, too, sing America” emphasizes on the idea of the African American race as a whole un the flag of United State of America, since before the civil rights the Whites injustice and prejudice had put the blacks under pressure and forcing them to...
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