Commentary on the Geanium

Topics: Metaphor, Poetry, Stanza Pages: 4 (1487 words) Published: October 20, 2010
The Germanium' is a poem written in free verse by Theodore Reothke which explores the 'frail ' relationship between the persona and his wife, or lover who is personified as a ' geranium'. written in first person perspective,The poem shows the compulsive obsessive love the persona feels for this lady who has had a hard life and is now on death's bed through the usage of flower imagery and symbolism.Themes like loneliness, lost love and everyday experiences of mankind have been communicated in the passage through the effective usage of literary devises such as similes , personification and alliteration.The fast paced movement and time transition of the poem is shown by the short lines seen .

the poem starts of with the person introducing the geranium as 'her' , which indicates that the the 'Geranium ' could also refer to the persona's beloved.Furthermore, it shows how misleading the tittle of the poem 'The Geranium ' is in this context.Also the neglect faced by the geranium, which is addressed throughout the poem,is illustrated though the usage of the word' garbage pail' Metaphorically it brings out a tone of pity, as it portrays the persona's lover to be dispensable, and to no good use, for that is why she is in the 'garbage pail' of life.the words 'limp' and 'bedraggled' which are used to describe the flower further emphasize this fact. imagery allows the readers to paint a clear picture of the person'a lover - a disheveled, unkept and weak woman. through the usage of a simile, in the third line where he compares her to a dog , another characteristic of the woman is brought out- she was 'trusting' and loyal as a dog that lead her to do things that brought her down in life resulting in ending up in 'wizened aster' in the forth sentence further emphasizes the the tone of pity felt for both the flower and the woman which is brought out in the the previous lines as he describes her a 'wizened' allowing the readers to imagine a...
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