Commentary on James A. Coleman's English- Medium Teaching in European Higher Education

Topics: Higher education, Europe, Sociology of education Pages: 2 (790 words) Published: December 1, 2011
James A. Coleman’s English-medium teaching in European higher education article seeks to measure the extent to which English is progressively becoming ‘the language of higher education’ in Europe. First, it describes the global context in terms of the spread of English as a lingua franca and of the marketization of higher education. Secondly, it explores the reasons for English-medium teaching in Higher Education Institutions across Europe. Thirdly, it seeks to assess the extent of the phenomenon and its impact, and to explore possible future trends. Put them in more details. The first parts is titled “Globalization”. In this part, author fully demonstrates and explains to the readers the results of the globalization and how the globalization puts the impact on the popularity of English and at last to be the super central language in the world. James then discusses the relationship between globalization and the economics of higher education. Because of the globalization, the rapid expansion in the European countries is notable, which brings the additional funding of the countries, therefore, the European counties need the international marketization of higher education. On the second part, author smoothly goes on from the previous topic to discuss about English and higher education and he demonstrates seven reasons which impel the English using in the higher education. The analysis is given to each of those seven reasons. The author also conducted two large and several smaller studies, from which he concludes several predictable problems from the wide adoption of English-medium teaching, After the problems analysis, the author uses examples of University of Maastricht, the universities in Hungary, Norway, Turkey, Cyprus and Denmark to manifest the rapid growth in English using in the European countries. The third segment of the article is the conclusion or the prediction of English-medium in higher education. James A. Coleman also predict that the world will...
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