Commentary of “the Curious Incident of the Dog at Nighttime”

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  • Published : April 6, 2008
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In “The Curious Incident of the Dog at Nighttime” by Mark Graham he uses continuous similar syntax to create and establish a style to his work. In the story the escape of a young person is revealed as he narrates it from his indecision of leaving the train at London, to his hiding in a shelf and his anxiety to get his bag. The narrator often finds himself in uncomfortable situation such as when he was found by one of the people that got off the train and by the lady in the yellow water proof coat.

In this short excerpt from the story the author begins each paragraph with “And” making the transition from paragraph to paragraph a bit robotic, choppy and simple and is an example of a rhetorical device called anaphora. The author’s words choice or diction is very simple yet he sometimes uses words not commonly found on literature such as “poo” and the edited f-word. The narration of the story is descriptive but it turns out to be too basic at several points.

The authors writing lacks poetic texture and depth but this can be acquainted to the fact that it is a young narrator who perhaps has not an extended vocabulary to use in his narration. The authors words choice or syntax follows the subject verb object order that is commonly followed making the passage quick and easy to understand. The syntax places an effect of detached objectivity for there were no other rhetorical devices that made the narration interesting. The author uses anaphora by using the word “and” at the beginning of each sentence and. The sentence structure is very short producing a big contrast with the timing of the story for it seemed that the narration was in fast pace leading to quick and direct sentences that helped moved the plot further faster.

The author jumps from paragraph to paragraph changing the focus of the paragraph quickly, giving sense of rush to the story. The sentence organization of the story is simple but very periodic for it follows a constant pattern of...
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