Comment on Three Fictional Writers

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Comment on Three Fictional Writers

By | July 2008
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In this essay I’ve written comments on 3 writers that I thought nailed for whatever that they wrote. The comments explore the writer’s type of style, narration, etc. What I’ve noticed in the 3 writers I chose is that some of their previous or newer material is not as good as the piece that I’ve read. However the writings that I read were good enough to comment on how these writers think and write. In the following essay George Orwell, Judith Ortiz Cofer, and E B White were among my favorites and I will comment about how their writing styles contrast and compare to the other writers as well.

Every line treated like Shakespeare for my own opinion, yet Orwell was no Shakespeare. Nor was he a master of the English language. Much of his early writing is surprisingly horrible. Orwell had this writing style that almost sounds like freshman at college is writing it, not too good but not too bad. It must have been the right words at the right place that made the stories and writings click. The stories however, Orwell is a pretty creative person with his fictional writings. Orwell’s characters were so well though up that it almost seemed that the books were non-fictional. In the story that I’ve read in this English 122 class, “How to Shoot an Elephant”, this story is kin of bland but at the same time, you want to continue to read. I’m not sure how it works, because the story isn’t that spectacular, but again I guess he just knows where to place his words and characters in the right place.

The next writer I’ve chosen is the one and only Judith Ortiz Cofer. This Latin woman wrote a story about a Latin family in a stereotypical way. Again my own opinion. I think that her stories are a bit stereotypical which is not bad; it’s just a different way to write from what I’m used to reading. I believe that from reading her biography that Judith did not have the dreamed up life that we all have, her childhood and adolescence was challenging for her whom I believe is the...

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