Comment on the Extent to Which Each of the Following Contributed to a More Democratic Society in the American Colonies: (a) the Great Awakening (B) Immigration (C) the Zenger Case.

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Comment on the extent to which each of the following contributed to a more democratic society in the American colonies: (a) the Great Awakening (b) immigration (c) the Zenger case.ton Russell

With the help of these key events, the colonies of America slowly evolved to become a more liberal country which shaped and changed the American colonies to progressively become a democratic government. In the eighteenth century, the colonial society became increasingly more democratic due to the Great Awakening, immigration, and The Zenger Case because these events helped bring about toleration of different religions, speaking against the government, and allowing other people from foreign countries to live in the American colonies. The Great Awakening, which was strongest in the 1730s and 1740s, was a religious movement that encouraged the American colonists to strongly express their religious beliefs to the upmost importance. The American colonists were inspired by Jonathan Edwards, who traveled across New England and preached the sermons that discussed sins and how to be saved by God’s grace. Above all, George Whitfield was the most influential through his sermons that preached about God being all powerful and only the people who had faith would be saved. Edwards and Whitfield both increased the act of religious practices but at the same time made ministers lose some of their authority due to increased freedom of religion given to the people. With the loss of the authority, the colonists gained the mindset that they could make many religious decisions without addressing a higher official. Due to the fact of questioning authority, new religious diversity became a factor in result of the increased freedom given to the colonists which in return brought about a more democratic society. In addition to The Great Awakening, immigration played a vital role in the shape of the democratic society today. In the eighteenth century, the population proliferated to more than a...
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