Comment on How the Use of Materials Affect the Meaning and Appearance of Two Buildings: Crystal Palace and the Trellick Tower

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  • Published : May 21, 2013
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Comment on how the use of materials affect the meaning and appearance of two buildings

Two buildings where the materials affect the appearances of the buildings, are The Trellick Tower and The Crystal Palace.

The Trellick Tower was constructed in 1968-72 by Erno Goldfinger. The tower is 322 feet tall and is 31 stories high and is situated in North Kensington. It was built for the Greater London Council and contains 217 flats. It was constructed during a period where building high social housing was thought to save construction time and cost.

The tower is separated into two sections, with its separate lift and service tower. The galleries connect to a detached vertical circulation tower with bridges at every floor. There is an enclosed gallery at every third floor with an entrance and stairs to flats or mansionettes, above and below the access level. It is a very imposing rectangular slab which dominates the West London skyline. There are panoramic views over London from any angle in the building. The tower is asymmetrical and is both vertical and horizontal with it’s narrow rectangular shape. The façade is based on a traviated bridge where there is communal space and communal living. There are also pulpit balconies, inspired by Le Corbusier, on a row of flats. The tower is based as an ‘L’ shape and the flats in the tower are slightly larger than normal council houses.

The building is made of raw concrete, steel and glass. Concrete was wider used in the late nineteenth and into the twentieth century and used as an exposed building material in the Brutalist period and usually unadorned and rough-cast. The balconies are also made of wood cladding, unlike the pulpit balconies. There is pebel dashed walls at various points of the building, even outside, which adds to the texture.

The building is brown and grey, the addition to colour is in the windows in the lobby. These windows have timber frame rasements and double glazing. In terms of light, it...
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