Commemorative Speech on South Park

Topics: South Park, Stan Marsh, Eric Cartman Pages: 2 (699 words) Published: September 19, 2010
I’m sure most of you have seen South Park; and I’m sure some of you like it, and some of you don’t. Those of you who don’t probably see South Park and other works by Trey Parker and Matt Stone as vulgar and inappropriate for television. I used to be one of those people, until I actually watched it without a bias towards it. Trey Parker and Matt Stone, I think, are very talented film and cartoon creators. They package real and current issues into an accessible and contemporary form; they have a very up front, in your face attitude about most of the issues they cover, which catches peoples attention, especially teens and young adults; and they cover issues most other shows won’t; such as the episode where Mr. Garrison turns into Ms. Garrison. Body

To begin with, I’ll give you a little background on Trey Parker, Matt Stone and South Park. Trey Parker and Matt Stone met in college and have been creating films and shows ever since. Their first episode of South Park was just a Christmas special, and then a couple years later they started the show. The two of them together, make an awesome creating team. They cover many current issues in the world today, they even send their episodes to their broadcasting network via satellite the day of airing, so that if something happens, they can cover it for their upcoming episode. They have covered thins ranging from scientology and the passion of Christ, to sex changes and gay rights. They tend to show both sides of the issue as well, whether is the parents vs. the kids or Carman vs. Kyle; and even though the kids are only in 4th grade, they are smarter than their parents most of the time. They put these issues in a popular form, that teens and young adults are attracted to and entertained by. It’s like hiding a dog’s medicine in his food. Not only do they cover real and current issues, but since they package them as they do, and being as in you face and up front as they are, it’s hard to ignore....
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