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  • Published : November 29, 2011
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Commemorative Speech Outline

Commemorating the State of Oregon

Attention Getter: Beer! Beaches! Bobsleds! Blazers!

Thesis Statement: The state of Oregon is one of the best places to live in the United States.

Credibility Statement: I was born in Portland, Oregon and have lived in and traveled the state for many years.

Audience Relevance: Most of us currently reside in Oregon, and I am sure you have all had the opportunity to experience the unique excellence of this grand state.

Preview Statement: Today, I am going to commemorate the state of Oregon by sharing a little about our past history and some reasons that led me to develop a strong love affair with the state.

Connective: First, we will start with a little background on the relationship that I have with this great state.

I.The state of Oregon and I have a lot of history together.

A.I have lived most of my life in Oregon
1.Born on May 2nd, 1981 at East Moreland Hospital (Portland) 2.Have spent 26 of my 28 years in Oregon
a.Lived in Vancouver, Washington for 2 years
b.Had to pay sales tax & pump my own gas

Connective: There are many reasons why I love the state of Oregon.

II.There are many reasons why I love the state of Oregon.

A.There are four decipherable seasons
1.Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall
2.No one is ever happy with the weather
3.The weather is always surprising me
a. Snow storm last winter
b. Record consecutive triple digit degree days last Summer
4.The weather changes every five minutes (quote)

B.Oregon provides all kinds of fun activities
a. Mt. Hood and Mt. Bachelor
a. I got my first AND second MIP at Seaside!
a. Central Oregon – Lake Billy Chinook (Cove Palisades)

C.The sports teams are awesome
1.There is always someone to root for
a. Ducks, Beavers, Blazers… and PILOTS?

D.The largest microbrew selection in the US
1.The city of Portland has more...
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