Commemorative Speech

Topics: Student activism Pages: 4 (1495 words) Published: April 15, 2013
Brothers and sisters, friends and family, I make you my compliments upon the object which has caused us all to assemble in such numbers and spirit as we have today. Wise and thoughtful people of our movement, who shall come after us, and study the lessons of our history in the GENERALS ENTITY; who shall survey the long and dreary spaces over which we have travelled; who shall count the links in the great chain of events by which we have reached our present position, will make a note of this occasion. They will think of it and speak of it with a sense of manly pride and gratification. Without pictures, I can still remember his face before he was overcame by the illness that took him. Without any visual aids, I can see the gallantry with which he carried our movement. He was willing to fight negative radicalism and defend constructive liberalism. He made himself part of a movement to fight “for the general good” of students of Fourah Bay College and by extension, every other learning institution in our country. He was one of the founding fathers of THE LIBERALS CLUB F.B.C, a political fraternity, espoused by GENERALISM, a movement to which most, if not all of us here belong. I realised that he lived more in 36 years than anyone could in a century. I told myself that if I could have half the attendance of people at his funeral knowing that I touched those many lives, I would die a happy man. Ladies and gentlemen, I am making reference to a friend, brother, mentor and leader, Late Mustapha S. Turay (Esq), commonly called SPANCHO. It is against this backdrop that I say to every general and generi that there is nothing I can say that will fill the holes in your hearts, but the hopes of our IDEOLOGY are with all of us in mourning. We are here this moment to mark a day in history when we ceased to enjoy the presence of a brother. General SPANCHO’s life fought for student emancipation and left the vivid air signed with his...
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