Commandant Reflection Paper

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“ Reflection, in the context of learning, is a generic term for those intellectual and affective activities which individuals engage to explore their experiences, in order to lead to new understandings and appreciations. It may take place in isolation or in association with others” Boud, Keogh & Walker, 1985, p19.


1.The 15-week Command and Staff Course (Executive) at Goh Keng Swee Command and Staff College exposes officers with myriad of learning opportunities in professional military education and training. Correspondingly, the different modules conducted throughout the course serve as touch points for officers to reflect on their personal learning and development journey.

2.Consequently, officers need to dedicate time to journal their reflections at each juncture of the course not just for record purpose but more so to gauge their progress in professional and personal development and growth.


3.The objective of the Commandant Reflection Paper (CRP) is for the officers to take ownership to reflect, journal and share on their professional and personal learning, development and growth throughout the 15-week Command and Staff course (Executive).


4.The reflection is titled “Are you ready to Lead?”

5.In your reflection, you should consider the following questions:
a.Referring to the CSC(E) Graduate word picture (See Figure 1), how has attending the GKS CSC prepared you to Lead? What aspects of the course have developed and prepared you for your future roles in the SAF?

b.How much do you think you have developed in both the professional and personal competence?

Figure 1

Organisation Knowledge
changes and trends in strategic environment

Adaptive to organisational challenges that arises
Military Technology
Adept at applying military technology in developing innovative...
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