Command Economy

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  • Published : November 28, 2010
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Command Economy: Mountainous

Politicians, countries and ideologies from all over the world have been torn for years between what they should follow and believe. Countries argue over which policies should be adopted been the economist's fundamental question. What would life be like if the country you lived in targeted equality- to live in a country where all people are equal, all are treated the same, and all are one? People desire to live in a place where social class is not an issue and money, food shortage, monthly bills, and shelter is nothing you have to worry about. The command economy provides survival, value in work, stability, equality and care and economic resources for all its members, young, sick, disabled, and the old. The command economy is much stable then the market economy. One reason command economy is more efficient than a market economy is because the command economy focuses on providing survival for its people. All residents are provided with the basic needs for survival such as housing, jobs, education, clothing, food etc. The government provides all the needs. There is no worry about bills, losing jobs, food shortage. In a market economy, you are not guaranteed all this, sure you are given well fare– but you are not guaranteed a job. What happens to those in need of a job? They aren’t given a job. In a market economy you are on your own. Karl Marx, a German philosopher, formed the command economy. In a market economy, you are constantly competing for survival. Whereas the command economy- you are guaranteed survival. The government provides all your basic needs. According to Marx, “Disadvantage of a pure market economy cannot provide security to those who, because of sickness or age, cannot be economically productive.” The bottom line is that the government of a market economy does not imply support to its residents. An older couple is not living under the government’s wing, but the insurance and money they have saved over the ages....
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