Comm218 Ethical Speaking Analysis

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  • Published : May 1, 2013
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Ethical Speaking Analysis
David W
Comm/218 Public Speaking for the IT Professional
Dr. Brookie Allphin

I was at a seminar around March of this year and after listening to the speaker for about ten minutes, I realized that she didn’t have a real clue as to what she was talking about or she was drunk. Unfortunately, it was the latter half of my determination and I was extremely disappointed. The woman who was speaking had been going through a nasty personal situation and had taken up drinking and the company that she was working for did not realize that there was a problem. She had started the presentation and she stumbled over words and I thought, “Well I do that sometimes too”. It then turned into the presentation from hell. She had tripped on the carpet and had even knocked over a small table. Needless to say, the presentation ended way before it’s time and all of us were given a full refund. This was an unethical presentation in every aspect. I say this because the speaker should have never put herself in the position she did. You should never put yourself or the company that you work for in a position like this. If you are having personal problems and you cannot function normally, then you should not be in that line of work or you need to take a temporary leave of absence until you have recovered from your episode. The company that actually held the seminar was not making excuses for her and told us that they did not want to insult our intelligence with excuses. I am not a professional speaker, but I do have the ability to get up in front of large audiences and do presentations as well as teach. It is not my passion but it something that I really enjoy. Teaching people about things, that I have learned, is satisfying and I like it when people gain knowledge. After all, life is a learning experience and one we should share. I would never get up in front of any size group of people and attempt to do a presentation of any type. I once had a...
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