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General Introduction

The Oxford School Dictionary describes music as “A pattern of pleasant or interesting sound made by instruments or by the voice” and this is the theme of my Communication Studies Internal portfolio “Music: How it Impacts the Lives of Male Teenagers.”

In the expository section, I presented a 10 minute speech to my teacher where I discussed the impact of music on Jamaican teenagers and teenagers in general. In this presentation I brought up points having to do with what music is, the benefits having to do with music, some drawbacks having to do with music, the overall influence it can have on teenagers and the advantages of doing music (learning how to play an instrument and writing sheet music and songs). In my reflective piece, I chose to show in dialogue genre titled, “Damon, Musical Genius” how deeply music can influence teenagers. This dialogue is accompanied by a rationale that shows my inspiration, purpose and intended audience and the context in which this piece may be used. I have chosen to analyze the dialogue in terms or language registers and dialectal variations found herein.

I am interested in this theme because I wanted to discover psychological reasons why music is such a great influence on the behaviour of teenagers. As a former musician, I realized that this knowledge would help me to understand how music has influenced my decisions in the past and how it has shaped my future.


Music: How it Impacts the Lives of Male Teenagers.


The focus of my expository our local music industry which has always been a major matter internationally. Reggae music is one of the most iconic genres thanks to the likes of Jamaican men such as Bob Marley, Barrington Levy, Beres Hammond, etc… and their music still inspires young Jamaican men up to this date. Dancehall in a way has now taken over the role of reggae in the lives of these young men. One of the most influential dancehall personalities at this time is Vybz Kartel.

Some may say that the message in Jamaican music has changed for the worse, but this is not the case. The message of the music can now be accessed easily as opposed to 20-50 years ago. If a positive message is added to the lyrical content, music can make a huge difference in the behavioural patterns of young Jamaican men.

Music and male teenagers

Males in their teenage years attempt to discover who they are as a person and what their purpose is. Music has the ability to convey inner emotions that the teenager does not have the ability to express. Learning how to play an instrument and produce/make music is a good outlet for the emotions of these teenagers. It gives them the ability to tell everyone what they’re about and what their purpose is.

What influences music choices among male teenagers?

Radios, Television programs and the Internet are some of the things that affect what type of music a teenager listens to. These factors determine what type of music is ‘normal’ to the teenager. In Jamaica, Reggae, Dancehall, Rap and Hip-Hop are considered ‘normal’ while the Country or Rock genre would be considered as ‘white people music’. They are known as ‘mass media’ which influence what the young men listen to.

Friend and family can also determine what the teenager listens to. For someone to be a ‘friend’ in the first place, there must me common interests, so if a friend was to introduce a new genre or song to the teenager, he is more likely to go and listen to it that if a stranger did. In the case of family, if they recognize that some of the lyrical content in certain genres are inappropriate for the teenager, they may prohibit them from listening to those genres and giving him more ‘appropriate’ music, like Gospel.

Is there a difference in behaviour of teenagers among the social classes in Jamaica owing to their musical preference?

The information processing cycle includes:...
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