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  • Published : February 5, 2013
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Introduction 2

Preface 3

Reflection (Monologue) 4

Analytical Essay 7


My internal assessment is focused on the theme ‘Domestic Violence’. It serves the purpose of generating awareness of the effect and consequences that domestic violence can have in society. The advancement of my theme is supported by the use of a monologue and also by doing an oral presentation. My monologue provides a creative portrayal of the issue of which my theme is based. On the other hand, the oral presentation probes further into my theme as the information gathered from several sources was examined. Domestic violence is more profuse than people care to think. Having witnessed domestic violence, I have an idea of what effects the issue can have on the victim as well as the family. That’s why I chose to elaborate on the chosen theme as it is an issue that is really hurtful, yet ignored in society. Although the theme is not in relation to my academic or career interest, the writing and researching skills obtained while working on my internal assessment will have favorable assets in any other things that I may go on to study and even in the career I pursue.


The purpose of my monologue, ‘Holding On’, is to make people aware of the effects of domestic violence and also to expose individuals of the ways in which the issue can be dealt with. Hopefully, if there are any victims or even persons aware of domestic violence present among them, my piece will stimulate the courage needed to deal with the situation. This creative piece is intended for the young females, teenagers and young adults that are dating and may be somewhat vulnerable to situations of domestic violence. Also, the piece is directed to newlyweds and married couples, who are more at risk for being trapped in such predicaments. Possible victims in the...
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