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What role did advertising play in transforming America into a consumer society?

When learning about the different forms of communication advertising is one of the most interesting because it taps into the human psyche. Advertising is the attempt to persuade potentional customers to purchase or consume more of a particular brand or product. Today, ads are scattered everywhere and they are multiplying. Ads have been known to take up more than half the space in most daily newspapers and consumer magazines. They are inserted into trade books and textbooks. They also reach as far as cluttering websites and fill are mailboxes and the buses we ride. Advertising to us today surrounds our everyday life so much that it almost blends into our environment. The objective of advertisers is to make sure it doesn’t!

Advertising dates back all the way to the Egyptians, using papyrus to make sales messages and wall posters. From then on to the middle ages advertising grew but used mostly images so people who could not read could also understand and be swayed by the ads. As education became more apparent and printing was developed advertising really started to expand on to newspapers, books, and more. When the printing press was invented it was much easier and cheaper to get advertisements widespread so consumers could see and business would boom.

As new media mediums were created such as magazines, radio, and television, advertising developed right along with it. Soon ads took up more then half of newspapers and magazines, they were the commercials on the radio, and lured television viewers all over the world.

Today the Internet is another huge source in which advertising pops into peoples lives. Advertising has become the economic glue that holds most media industries together. The trick with advertising transforming America into a consumer society has to do somewhat with the psychological aspect. In advertising the “slogan” was developed as a phrase that attempted to...
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