Comm/215 Case Study

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  • Published : April 17, 2013
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Case Study Analysis
Amanda Lee
February 25, 2013

Case Study Analysis

Carl Robins is faced with very serious problems as the new campus recruiter for ABC, Inc. This case study analysis will show the many problems that evolved when he attempted to recruit new employees to work for Monica Carroll. After reviewing the issues at hand, we will discuss the possible solutions available for Carl to rectify the situation and the proposed solution that he should take. Carl Robins is a competent employee of ABC, Inc. As with any new position a person is involved in, he will face challenges. However, it is not impossible to overcome these challenges.

In early April, Carl recruited fifteen new hires to work for Monica who is the Operations Supervisor. After recruiting them, he scheduled orientation to take place in June. This was in the hopes that the new employees would be able to start working by July. Approximately one month before orientation, Monica contacted Carl to check on the new hire process for the fifteen recruits. Once Monica was assured by Carl that everything was under control, Carl decided to check on things himself. At this point, Carl is unaware of the problems that he will be facing once he gets into the project.

The first problem that arises for Carl is when he checks on the new trainee files and realizes that the files are not complete. All new employees went through the interview process and filled out paperwork. Unfortunately, the paperwork is not completely filled out for their applications. To make matters worse, the files should have transcripts to go with them, but they are missing. The problems just get worse when he checks deeper into their files and realizes none of the trainees had drug screening on file. Once he is done looking at the new trainee files Carl checks the orientation manuals and realizes that there are only three copies of the manual. Carl is supposed to have at least...
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